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the tudors + costumes: part nine

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"Land of bears and land of eagle. Land that gave us birth and blessing. Land that called us ever homewards. We will go home across the mountains. We will go home singing our song. Hear our singing, hear our longing. We will go home across the mountains."  (requested by khuzdith)

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after the night when I wake up

I’ll see what tomorrow brings. [x]

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Even after all these years, Ser Barristan could still recall Ashara’s smile, the sound of her laughter. He had only to close his eyes to see her, with her long dark hair tumbling about her shoulders and those haunting purple eyes.

gifset inspired by {x}

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joel + describing words

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Favorite lotr Scenes [5/9]: I Can’t Carry It For You, But I Can Carry You!

With that, Sam lifted Frodo onto his shoulders and started to climb Mount Doom. His plain hobbit-face grew stern, almost grim, as the will hardened in him.”

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