Fanart: “Rebirth Alternative” by tansy9

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Fanart: “Tomb Raider Reborn” by Murilo-Araujo

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A woman wields that much power, sooner or later it gets called witchcraft.

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Tomb Raider Concept Art by Brenoch Adams

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New Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Art

Happy launch week! Here’s a lovely new piece of art by Crystal Dynamics’ Brenoch Adams to celebrate Definitive Edition hitting stores. Enjoy!

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Fanart: “Lara Croft” by EmegE

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Definitive Lara: Exploring Next-Gen Tech

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Dark Horse Tomb Raider Comics to Debut 2/26!

Ready for a new run of Croft comics? You don’t have to wait much longer. Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider #1 will hit stands on February 26.

Written by industry superstar Gail Simone, the comic picks up where 2013’s reboot left off. Full color and running 32 pages, the issue is penciled by Nicolás Daniel Selma, inked by Juan Gedeon, and colored by Michael Atiyeh. Dan Dos Santos tackled the cover art, pictured above.You can also see a teaser of the next two covers – issue #2 by Dan Scott, and Issue #3 by Ariel Olivetti, set to release in March and April respectively.

You can pre-order your Tomb Raider books from Dark Horse directly here. If you want to read up on the comic prior to release, be sure to check out Newsarama’s recent interview with Gail!

Are you as excited as we are to see Lara return to comics?

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